Class 3 St Mary’s C of E Primary School

Class 3 St Mary’s C of E Primary School

Your task today is to re cap these French phrases we have been working on in school. Please say them aloud to someone at home and then copy down each one, drawing a picture next to it to remind you of the meaning. The story read by Mrs Steer today is called Freddie and the Fairy. How are you doing with your Sparx this week?

funny story in hindi for class 3

Word Periscope are listed in lots of competition listings. I run a lot of flash fiction writing challenges. You can learn how to submit to those here. Yes, just keep writing more about different themes and word counts and to keep submitting seems to be the answer. You would undoubtedly enjoy talking to him. Re the online entry, you could try submittable?

Remember we do love to see your learning and to hear about the other fun things you are doing at home. Please do send us something to If we haven’t heard from you by Friday lunchtime we will call just to check in and see if you need any help. I hope that you enjoyed the ‘Partly Cloudy’ animation yesterday. For today’s task, I would like you to answer the following questions about the film. Please write the answers in sentences, not just one word answers. Today is our final lesson on touch typing for now.

One-Off Short Story Competitions

Watch the video first then complete the task. I look forward to reading your sentences. Please don’t forget to join your handwriting. Today is your last day working on adding and subtracting money. We are moving on from learning about money to look at statistics. We will be creating and using tally charts, pictograms, bar charts and tables.

Empire’s End: A Roman Story

We have been doing art this week in school and my bubble did some lovely Pointillism pictures. We also started creating a piece of art that has started in sections and eventually it is going to be put together to make one big picture. I’ll send you a link to try at home if you would like to, although there are 20 pieces that have to be coloured to do it! True, older outlets like newspapers are dwindling. Still, in my experience, opportunities are growing in the short story market, not shrinking. I list more magazines, journals and contests on my site now than I have before.

Mental Health Awareness Day

Our lovely floor staff will show you to these seats when you arrive. All shows on the listings have an age restriction next to them, for your information. All weekend comedy shows and Christmas Comedy Specials are 18+. The illustrations and the story are just a masterpiece. It’s the story of the Odd Dog Out that leaves his town because he stands out. He finds somewhere where he fits in but then realizes from the odd dog that there was never anything wrong with him. What a lovely book about self-acceptance and realizing that being different is something we should be proud of.

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