What Does “bye, Felicia” Mean & Why Are People Saying It All Of A Sudden?

What Does “bye, Felicia” Mean & Why Are People Saying It All Of A Sudden?

wave check urban dictionary

There are numerous slang terms and street names for illicit drugs. This drug culture has developed with its own language in which ordinary sounding words can take on entirely different meanings. This “slanguage” represents today’s culture and many of the problems that go along with it. Although much of it is humorous, a good portion of it is very offensive. Many of the words are terms for sexual activity and drug use. Many of the examples given are common quotes from youth today- these quotes, although somewhat edited, can be foul or vile .

I use a three fin on a short BC board. You have to add “body part that may be slammed into surfboard” to the definition of face. Thanks for all the suggestions, I’ve updated our surf dictionary this morning and added some fresh terms.

Drug Slang And Street Terms For Illicit Drugs

A surfing spin-off, kneeboarding is riding the waves on your knees using a special knee board. The area of whitewater where the waves have broken, between the shore and the line-up. Also, inside can be used to describe the wave check urban dictionary section of a wave that breaks towards the end of the ride, closest to the shore. The fin is the curved bit hanging down under your surfboard that you keep bashing when you tie your surfboard to the roof of your car.

  • This phrase does have somewhat of a sexual connotation, so don’t go throwing it around.
  • Not nearly as popular now as it was in mid to late 80’s.
  • This phrase is often used in business.
  • The best time for shore life was when they went back home.
  • “Dude, I thrashed Robert on the court!
  • ” The term became popularized by Ice Cube, Compton’s Most Wanted, Ice T, and Tupac Shakur in many of their songs.

Wave Checks have become a competition worldwide. In order to develop a solid wave pattern takes time, dedication, and know how so wavers take pride in their waves. A wave check validates the effort one has put in to work on their wave pattern so wave checks are used to determine if a person is wearing a durag just for fashion and not serious about waving. About my widow status on a platform that is solely read by surfers, but it is time my story is told. My boyfriend’s name is Jack and we have been together for a couple of years. I am a novice in surf widow terms.

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To get hit or fouled in a basketball game. To get drunk, to drink, or to otherwise become intoxicated from either alcohol or drugs.

wave check urban dictionary

As a staple in wave culture I can say with grace that if one person is not credited, then the credit should go to the culture of waving. Waving is a culture and it is a lifestyle. You don’t just “get waves” you become a waver in the act, or process of getting waves. A wave check is as simple as it sounds. It is the act of telling someone wearing a durag to take it off in order to reveal their hair beneath. The goal is simply to see if the person wearing the durag is wavy. The tendency of using shorter form of words, phrases or sentences was carried away from text messages to social media communication apps.

Idioms About Wave

Wawa, hero, meatball sub, da Papi store, and so on. You’ll also start feeling like some people in Philadelphia really care about hoagies.

wave check urban dictionary

Adj. a female’s sexual appeal. Derrived from Kelis’ song ‘My milkshake is better than yours’. “Janice got that milkshake that make everybody wanna get wit’ her.” 2. Also as a reference to vaginal discharge. A “netspeak” term used to say, “let’s meet in real life”.

Wave Check! The New Trend Sweeping Schools Across America!

Positive students gather with one common goal. Who actually has waves under their durag and who is simply fronting and wearing the du-rag for style. Overall, wave check is an unwrapping of a unique hair style and a successful marketing campaign. When a person removes his or her du rag to reveal the most cleanest waves of all time.

Getting excited while surfing or really looking forward to a surf. The perfect barreling surf, a cross-section of an A-frame wave reveals an “A” shape where it is breaking soooo nicely. The spin of a surfer’s board during a manoeuver in degrees, e.g. 360 degree turn. A disturbance on the surface of a liquid body, as the sea or a lake, in the form of a moving ridge or swell. OFFICIAL Urban Dictionary app! Urban Dictionary is the people-powered slang dictionary.

Twitterati Outrage Over swara Bhaskar Urban Dictionary Meaning, Fans Ask Twitter To Take Action

Wave checks have been sweeping schools across the United States from high schools to HBCU’s. Besides the numerous memes where people have pasted a “wave wig” on various characters, other businesses decided to throw themselves into the wave… pun intended. While it seems like the sudden hair trend hit the world out of nowhere, it is actually a huge marketing campaign by “Great Clips”, a hair salon franchise.

Is wave a metaphor?

One of the most powerful images from nature has also become a powerful metaphor—the wave. But, examining the natural phenomena will help us to determine why the wave is such a popular metaphor, and why some believe it is overused and misused to the point that they battle against it. …

While some yelled about free speech, Apple may be saving people from themselves. A 12-year-old Virginia girl faced charges after she posted an Instagram message referencing the library, followed by the pistol, knife and bomb emojis. But, as always, people have turned much of the fun playfulness of emojis into something often more sinister or carnal. Many emojis have dual meanings which can be sexual or violent in nature. Text abbreviations started to become popular with the upsurge of texting as one of the most useful communication channels.

It was positively related only to the stable long-term measures of asymmetry. Changes in brain wave activities, assessed with EEG, have been observed during the transition from wake to sleep state and vice versa. The transition from wake to sleep involves changes from faster activity (á/â-rhythm) to slower activity (è/ä-rhythm).

  • Some of the street names, slang terms, and nicknames were given to cocaine during the height of its popularity have become part of the American lexicon.
  • But our relationship is built on trust and mutual understanding.
  • A hypebeast is someone who only likes things that are “hyped” or super popular.
  • You might be more familiar with the term “poser”, which is used in other sports such as skateboarding.
  • A “netspeak” term used from one person to another to ask them their “age, sex, and location.” It is usually used in a chatting situation with someone you don’t know.

Short form of “shotgun.” Formerly calling “shotgun” got you the front passenger seat in the car (derived from the position on the stagecoach- the person with the shotgun sat up front near the driver). “Shotty” does the same thing. Works with other locations such as “shotty the couch”; “shotty the bean bag chair”; etc.

Marijuana Names Used To Deceive

A wad of money or cash. (see also “gwap” or “guap”). The term was used in the film “State Property II” by rapper Baby Boy. A term referencing money due to its color. A term referring to marijuana because of its color. A fail is a fail in life. It can be anything from falling off your bike, walking into a glass door or overcooking your holiday dinner.

Hand-waving is an idiomatic metaphor, derived in part from the use of excessive gesticulation, perceived as unproductive, distracting or nervous, in communication or other effort. This was helpful since I don’t know anything about surfing, but I would love to learn. The bad news is I probably will never learn I live were people snowboard all the time and it snows almost all the time during the winter. This is totally wrong concerning the word “Barney”. A “Barney” is a dude who drives around with a surfboard on his car or carries one around to look cool but does NOT surf at all. The guys version is describing a “Kook”.

No Wave music features a very avant garde take on music, sometimes displaying a disturbing amount of atonal songs with a definite pulse. Cheap art, cheap drugs. The music also combines different genres that usually don’t go together such as jazz, punk, blues and folk. Later into his adult years and my brother dips in and out occasionally, so I was never part of a family who live and die by the surf. My dad was always the kind of man where if all surf conditions weren’t aligned, he would instead choose home and the company of his wife. I was wrong to assume that all men are like that.

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