About the Project

Schädel is a black metal project founded by guitarist B.Lizzart and vocalist Smerth. Stemming from their previous collaboration in the 1990s project Berserkerzorn, Schädel emerged as a result of their shared desire to reignite their musical pursuits in a fresh and transformative manner.

The seeds of Schädel were sown around 2015, when discussions about the project began to take shape. It was during this time that fragments of lyrics, riffs, and melodies started to intertwine, giving birth to a new sonic entity. Drawing inspiration from the depths of darkness and fueled by their passion for black metal, B.Lizzart and Smerth embarked on a creative journey that would push boundaries and challenge conventions.

Schädel stands as a testament to the raw intensity and uncompromising spirit of black metal. Their music delves into the abyss, capturing the essence of despair, rage, and existential contemplation. With each haunting riff and guttural scream, Schädel transports listeners to a realm of sonic chaos, where darkness reigns supreme.

Are you ready to embrace the darkness? Let Schädel guide you on a transcendental voyage through the realms of black metal.


Erosion des Willens


The initial recordings for “Erosion des Willens” began in mid-2021. Unfortunately, the original goal of releasing the album in 2022 could not be achieved due to multiple delays in the vocal recording process.

In early 2023, we were finally able to complete the remaining vocal recordings. We are especially grateful to Inge for providing us with suitable facilities for this purpose.

Both in terms of songwriting and sound, the project has undergone significant development with “Erosion des Willens”. The album was once again realized without any external intervention, and we are truly satisfied and proud of the outcome after this long journey.

Schwarz mein Meer – Demo


The first instrumental songs for the demo “Schwarz mein Meer” were created in 2015 and recorded by 2016. Between 2020/21 the recordings were remixed and arranged and provided with vocals.

A first SCHÄDEL album has already been recorded and is going to be released in 2022.